TenantMarket.com – Matching landlords and tenants

TenantMarket.comAre you tired of searching for the right apartment, or the right tenant? Now there is a site that is for both the renter and the landlord. Renters can fill out a short form, including their desired type of apartment, house, or condo, as well as a few personal questions; landlords select the criteria for their ideal tenant, as well as the type of property they want to rent.

TenantMarket then automatically matches the renters and landlords, and provides the landlords with a list of possible renters. Landlords can then personally contact their ideal renter and begin the process of renting the apartment or house, or whatever it may be they are trying to rent. The property listings are posted on numerous online classified pages, to gain maximum exposure. For someone to place a property on the site, it costs $40 per 20 day period.

TenantMarket.com In Their Own Words

“TenantMarket an effective way for landlords and renters to find each other because with TenantMarket, landlords can search, filter, and instantly contact renters who match their criteria. And renters can publish their personalized housing search and receive information about properties that exactly match their criteria.”

Why TenantMarket.com It Might Be A Killer

It is not only a site for a renter, but also the landlord, or owner of the property. It is a more personalized process of renting, which other online classified ads eliminate. Landlords have more say in who they want to consider having as a tenant, as well as minimizing the necessary time to find the right renter. Both sides of the process just have to sit back and wait for the right matches to be made.

Some Questions About TenantMarket.com

Are special considerations taken into account during the matching process? Are renters able to search general property listings? How are renters selected and matched when they view the listing on another classified page? TenantMarket.com