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TemplateYes.comTemplateYes is a portal that offers a selection of free website, Flash, and CSS templates and also offers six-month premium memberships with unlimited downloads for $49.95.


The site is heavy in advertising making it difficult to tell which links are internal and which are actually a third party’s but there is a good amount of content available. Available templates are displayed in thumbnail fashion and you have the option to view or download any within the free category. With a total of over 100 hundred free templates available, TemplateYes is worth a look if you can’t find what you’re looking for elsewhere. In Their Own Words

“100% free web templates, flash templates and website graphics.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

The creators of the site have obviously realized that templates are a hot topic and that template-related sites generally seem to generally a lot of traffic. They’ve done a good job of building a site that offers what it says it will while at the same time giving themselves every possible chance to monetize it.

Some Questions About

Will those looking to download free templates be deterred by the impressive amount of advertising found on the site? People are generally weary when you tell them something is free and even more so when you surround the “freeness” with a maze of third party links. Still, kudos to them for actually having a coherent business model!

Author : Caroline Bright

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