TemplateDeck.com – Download Web Templates

TemplateDeck.comAt TemplateDeck.com for a small fee you can sign up and download professionally made web templates.

There are 7 different templates on the site right now which can be downloaded in XHTML/CSS formats. The site offers three different plans. For $39 Euros you can download as many templates as you wish for 3 months, for $49 Euros you can download for 6 months and for $59 for an entire year. Now if are are to consider how much it would cost to have someone build these templates just for you, it would surely cost far more than subscribing to this service does.

TemplateDeck.com In Their Own Words

I offer a small but well designed and hand crafted collection of valid and tableless xhtml/css templates to all members of templatedeck.com.
I add new templates every month and everyone can become a member for a small price only here and can start downloading right after the sign up process. If you already a member you can download all of my themes here and you can use them for your webprojects and websites without any additional costs.

Why TemplateDeck.com It Might Be A Killer

This makes sense for people who need to have a website but don’t have the budget to get the entire website designed on their behalf, and for people that do have some web design know how but not enough to complete the task all on their own.

Some Questions About TemplateDeck.com

Although it is nice to see a site monetized in the traditional way, the rates that are being charged and the amount of good offered ensure that this site will never make tons of money. TemplateDeck.com