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Telonu.comTelonu is a new platform that provides employers everywhere a ready opportunity to express their feelings as regards the place they work at and every person therein, be it their co-workers or even the boss.

Of course, such a system can be used in an anonymous way.

It all depends on what you have to say – if you wish to use your username and not hide your identity, you can do it.

In actuality, this system can be used to praise or comment on everything – not just the company you are employed at, but also any service provider whatsoever. You can also talk about the school you attend and the friends that you have.

As a result, the main page arranges the reviews and comments by these categories, and some others such as “People in Limelight”. In every case, the most recent posts are displayed for your reading pleasure.

At the end of the day, this site stands as a good resource for getting your opinion across, and maybe even eliciting change in any environment you are a part of. Follow the provided link in order to get started. In Their Own Words

“Telonu is a cool, powerful, rock-your-world online community where you can tell one and all about the really important stuff. Read and write ‘Tells’ (reviews) on your office, your school, the people there and everything else. You can post ‘tells’ in several ways: anonymously, with a nickname, or under your user name (first name, last initial). You can also mingle with other ‘Tellers’ and ask questions about organizations and people that you need to know about.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It has the power for eliciting change in a way that is powered by users.

Some Questions About

What kind of things can you say on the site? What can’t be said? Who monitors that?