TelMD Leads The Change From Sick Care To Health Care

We don’t have a health care system. We have a sick care system. Acknowledging this reality is a great place to begin discussing how we can improve care management.


TelMD gets the difference, and everything that is said on their young site points to a very promising startup.


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Don’t get me wrong, I love how tech is changing health care – making records easier to access, enhancing patient and doctor connections, empowering individuals to monitor their own health, etc. – (TelMD is all about these things too) but, as long as we plug these tools into the existing approaches toward health, our energies will go toward repair first.


TelMD looks to make a substantive shift toward health solutions before sickness fixes. If you haven’t heard of it before, TelMD lauds appreciative medicine, which strives to achieve optimal health rather than treat chronic disease.


How do they go about things? They look across disciplines and put users in touch with physicians as well as holistic medicine practitioners. They also turn to primary care doctors who serve not just as the contact men when something goes awry but as partners in a network of care geared for health and happiness. Yeah, you could go to a doctor to stay healthy instead of to heal what’s wrong. Smart.


TelMD wisely trusts individual immune systems as the best line of defense against illness, and assists users in fortifying this powerful tool. A mobile app guides people on their pursuit of daily well-being. TelMD makes personal goals for body, mind, spirit, energy and such visible – and helps to construct a care network around realizing these goals.


Endocrinologist, cardiologist, oncologist… Imagine visiting the likes of a primary care doctor, massage therapist, yoga instructor and nutritionist all with your personal care in mind so that you never have to visit those kinds of doctors mentioned earlier. If that sounds crazy, that’s part of the huge problem. Seeing the people that enable you to live a balanced, healthy life should sound perfectly sane. Make it so, TelMD!


Here you have it in TelMD’s own words: “Our approach is one of collaboration; where healthcare professionals dialogue together across disciplines and specialties to restore deficiencies; understand the causes (pathophysiology); and correct these imbalances (a restorative approach); but most importantly to optimize the bodies capacity to heal and find balance. The goal is to optimize health; well-being and happiness.”


It’s no secret that life is enjoyed more when we stay healthy. Use TelMD to find the healthcare practitioners who understand this and who are willing to work proactively to keep you from requiring remedies. Build the support network that reinforces your healthy living.


Forget the expensive plans that tailor nothing toward your needs and turn to a team that will implement a plan that addresses your specific concerns. Say goodbye to the pills and tests and hello to the healthy life within your powers to lead, at


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