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Have no friends? While TellyAdder may not solve your real world friendlessness, it can make you popular on the net. TellyAdder was made for getting friends on YouTube.


It automatically sends out friend requests, comments, etc. The more friends you have, the more likely your video will circulate, the more popular you’ll be. Users can handpick their audience by simply singling out the page of ID’s they to want to use. With automatic file logging no user will get sent more than one request (don’t want to look needy, now do we?). TellyAdder costs $39.95 for the full version. In Their Own Words

“TellyAdder will gather user IDs on any YouTube page. With these IDs you can send automated friend requests, comments, etc…

Doing so will help you acquire more activity on your YouTube channel.
More friends, plays, comments, messages and it could possibly get you featured!
Whether you just want people to see your latest film… or if you are promoting something such as a website, product, person, artist, etc… YouTube is waiting and ready to watch!

We”ve noticed the best way to get attention on YouTube is to simply send friend requests and then later request them to subscribe to your channel. Doing so well invite them to watch what you have to offer. You will get immediate results.
Also, a feature to automatically request friends to subscribe to your videos will be available shortly!”

Why It Might Be A Killer

TellyAdder has the power to boost your videos which means you get more views, more visibility, and recognition. The delay timer insures that your YouTube account is safe, while getting you widespread coverage.

Some Questions About

Aren’t friend bots somewhat fake and underhanded? Will YouTubers actually use this?

Author : Siri Marshall

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