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TellMeTwin.comThe TellMeTwin website is another contender for the mantle of best social networking site on the web today. The basic premise is that you not only can rate literally anything you love or hate such as movies, books, paintings, travel spots and more, but you can also take personality tests that will let you have a better understanding of yourself, and the results of these tests can also be seen by your friends (or “twins”, to use the site’s parlance). On the other hand, the site can carry out a search for individuals who are your twins – people who think like you – or your exact antagonists – these are named “evil twins”. As it could be expected, a search that takes into consideration aspects of your personality in order to find a romantic interest will be offered as well. Through the site you will also be able to get recommendations from your twins such as seeing which movies that have just premiered might be of interest to you. The data is user generated, if it doesn’t exist you create it wiki-style.

All in all, the site stands as an interesting option for those who wish to see their personalities develop and unfold online. In Their Own Words

“TellMeTwin is a new way to document & preserve your character. You can take personality tests and rate your likes, dislikes, interests and experiences.” Then find your twins – people who think like you – and use their profiles to discover new things.

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is easy to use and it has all the options you expect to see in a social network website.

Some Questions About

How will it fare against sites such as Facebook et al?