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TellMeAboutThe.comThe concept about this social site is one we all can agree with: everyone has something interesting to say. TellMeAboutThe.

com aims to become the spot on the web where these interesting things can be shared and commented upon.

Each posting begins with the phrase that lends its name to the site. For instance, these are some representative posts: “Tell Me about the happiest day ever”, “Tell Me About the Time you Nearly Died”, “Tell Me About The Time You Went To Vegas” and “Tell Me About the biggest surprise ever”.

You might think your life is too mundane, and that there is nothing to tell the world about you that could elicit any kind of interest. If that is the case, just remember what the romantic poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge once said: even the most mundane life is worth being narrated as long as the narration is a trustworthy one. There is not such a thing as a “boring” existence, and that is something which this site illustrates splendidly. In Their Own Words

“Everyone has something interesting to say.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Sharing good times we can spread the joy around, and sharing bad times we lessen how bad we feel. That is the magic of a platform like this one.

Some Questions About

Is integration with Twitter and Facebook already provided?