Nail Your Next Startup Pitch With A Little Help From TelePromptor

Today’s Killer Startup: TelePromptor


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Elevator Pitch

TelePromptor is an online teleprompter to help you become a better public speaker.


Why It’s A Killer Startup

Public speaking is hard for most people. And startup founders, unfortunately, have to do more public speaking than most people. In fact, startup founders know that their whole business often relies upon public speaking in the form of pitches. I’ve been in rooms full of founders as they prep for a pitch day, and let me tell you: it ain’t pretty.


TelePromptor takes at least a little bit of the stress out of pitching by helping you deliver your pitch like a pro. They’ve developed something they call the “average phonetic duration technique,” which looks at the speech patterns from more than ten thousand speeches and figures out how you should be pacing yourself. They call their tool PromptTimer, and it calculates exactly how much time you should spend on each part of your speech, “down to the letter.”


TelePromptor is also configured to minimize noticeable eye movement, so it won’t even look like you’re reading at all. Finally, the app supports up to eight speakers at a time – and will even let people know when it’s time to get ready.


And if you’re pre-funding or just bootstrapping, don’t stress! TelePromptor has a basic model that’s totally free and then a professional model you can upgrade to if you need a few more features, like saving your scripts for later editing. Oh, and also? You don’t have to download anything and it works on all of your devices, soooo, I think what I’m saying is: What are you waiting for? Turn to TelePromptor to make your next pitch soar.



Yo, #startup founders! Let TelePromptor by @hoodmonkey  will make your next pitch the moneymaking kind.


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