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Tedvertiser.comThe one drawback of online classifieds and auction sites is that scammers can have their way in a larger scale than in the physical world. After all, the lack of immediate contact and proximity lends itself to fraudulent activity.


That is sadly part of the package, and even those among us who are incredibly careful have a tale of woe or two to tell.

This site aims to bring some transparency into the whole process of buying and selling online. It intends to do so by providing a sort of social context. That is, through the site you will get in touch with friends of friends – IE, people who you know that you can trust. You will also come across sellers and buyers in your close vicinity.

It is not exactly inaccurate to term this site a sort of LinkedIn for auctions. You get to know who is who to you before placing any sort of bid, and your interests are better-protected than in traditional resources.

Strict control is also exerted on who gets to join the site. You have to fill in an application form, or be invited by an already existing member in order to get in. In Their Own Words

“It’s much safer to trade with someone when you know they’re a friend of a friend or live down the road from you. Tedvertiser tells you who’s who to you.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

The idea is ace – trading with friends of friends is an effective safety net when conducting transactions online.

Some Questions About

How long does it take for your application to be reviewed and accepted once you have submitted it?

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