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TechRuckus.comTechnology is not for everybody, but the fact is that we have to deal with it on a daily basis no matter how tech-savvy or clumsy we are. And at an increasing rate at that.

Keeping in mind an online repository like the one under review right now is a good idea, then. In essence, it collects information which is supplied by users all around the world as regards a wide-ranging collection of technological issues.

For example, there is information on how to install most software applications currently doing the rounds, not to mention how to keep them in good working order once they have been installed. There is also a fair share of talk regarding mobile devices and how to sync them among many other concerns. And there are also lists that go by names such as “Ten reasons why people will upgrade to Windows 7” and “105 Twitter applications for PR professionals”.

Using the site is completely inexpensive, and note that there is even a “jobs” category for those contributors who want to turn their knowledge into an active asset. In Their Own Words

“Our goal is to provide a user friendly technical repository of solutions to your every day technology related problems. With your help we intend to provide one of the worlds largest technical forum based solution repositorys free of charge!”

Why It Might Be A Killer

If dealing with technology has you pulling your hair out time after time, this community resource might put an end to that.

Some Questions About

How many questions are posted per day? And how many are answered?