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TechnoBuffalo.comIf you are keen on technology (and you probably are if you are reading this), visiting this new online resource is more or less a must. We can define TechnoBuffalo as a location where people like you can have their original content featured, and network with other like them right on the spot.

This is possible because people can create their own blogs through TechnoBuffalo, as well as making use of a messaging client in order to communicate.

The main page of the site is actually devoted to the reviews that the team itself creates, and these are always augmented by videos that showcase the finer points of the gadgets and applications which are scrutinized.

I think the most salient feature of this tech publication is the ability for users to come up with their own blogs. In this way, anybody can become a reviewer and those who meet up like this can bond very quickly indeed. Of course, whether someone who reads a tech blog will not have the knowledge to start a blog through other means is something that already crossed my mind a dozen times, but I guess the idea is to offer everything in a centralized spot. And it works very well, as there are even tutorials explaining how to shoot a video review and so on. In Their Own Words

“TechnoBuffalo was created to be the ultimate website for tech enthusiasts. To accomplish that we’ve built an immersive tech-focused environment composed of three segments: original content, social networking, and a blogging platform.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

The ones who have an active interest in technology are certain to maximize it for sure.

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Is this wholly free to use?