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Technation.coTechnation is a site that offers its visitor an abundant supply of tech news to go through and digest, and the freshness of the featured content is always guaranteed because it comes directly from users. That is, the site is a repository of news that are submitted by people like you and me, who are passionate about technology, and who find a great thrill in breaking news the moment they have caught wind of them.


Technation can then be defined as a collective blogging platform where just anybody can pen an article and (as long as it is interesting and well-written) see it become published for all to read.


Blog themes that are already available include “Startups”, “Gadgets”, “IT biography”, “Coding”, “Google”, “Apple”… The actual content is always up to the writer. It can be a news report, a user guide, tips, an in-depth analysis about any device… as long as it is written with panache, it is bound to be featured on Technation for people to read, comment and discuss. In Their Own Words

“Social media news and web tips.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It will let anybody remain fully posted on tech developments, and get the stories straight from people who provide an impartial, honest coverage.

Some Questions About

How many posts are usually featured each day on the blog? Does that vary, or only a set number is allowed per day?