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TechCofounder.comTechcofounder is a free online directory of people who are keen on starting a new company, or joining one that has just started making a name for itself. The core members of this site are programmers who want to be discovered, and who have fresh ideas to pitch about.

In that way, entrepreneurs who are on the lookout for a technical cofounder can browse this database of users and contact the ones that seem suitable.

Profiles are anonymous, and that has the advantage of letting people focus on the actual skills and expertise on offer, not on who the person is. That comes later on. That should always come later on.

The database of coders is browseable both by skill and by location, and the former include Java, PHP, Ruby On Rails and the two hottest currencies right now: Twitter and Facebook.

When all is said an done, I think that choosing a technical cofounder resembles getting married more than fleetingly. That is, you get to see that person everyday, you make decisions together, and you even have to share a bank account. TechCoFounder aims to make finding that special “other half” somehow easier. In Their Own Words

“TechCofounder is a craigslist-style directory for software engineers and developers who are interested in starting a company or working on a side project. It’s free to use and completely anonymous.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

The way the site is structured makes finding people who have a specific set of skills a very easy task.

Some Questions About

Are there other sites like it?