It’s Never Too Early – Tech Trep Academy Teaches Kids Tech And EnTREPreneurship

Let’s call him Pete. We’ve all shared a computer class with him at some point. While most of us struggle to move a crude Pacman-like blob a few centimeters across our screens, Pete manages to create amazing programs – so amazing that he distracts us and then receives constant scolding from the teacher.


Yeah, the Petes of the world have normally been punished for their gifts. Insane, right?


The dark ages for students with mad computer skills have thankfully come to an end. A spate of young, entrepreneur millionaires starting Internet companies has encouraged others to think big, younger. Technology has entered our classrooms, put classes online, and has become more widely embraced as an economy driver.


Tech Trep Academy shifts these trends into a higher gear, ensuring that the Petes of today and tomorrow receive all the support, encouragement, and proper instruction that they deserve. Tech Trep Academy is an online community geared to educate students ages 8-14 on technology and entrepreneurship.


tech trep landing


Traditional education has struggled to keep pace with fast-changing technology and its diverse culture. Tech Trep steps up to the plate admirably, offering a unique and interactive curriculum that covers the following areas among others: computer and game programming, Minecraft modding, 3D printing, digital art/animation, sound mixing, media editing, and entrepreneurship.


This platform not only equips young students with real-world (read: highly marketable) skills, but it focuses on computing areas already of great interest to kids. Smart.


“We have successfully employed these courses in the Utah public school system for nearly a decade,” says Matt Bowman, CEO and creator of Tech Trep, “And we are excited to open this up to students around the globe and tap into the very creative and industrious minds of young people today. We have been inspired by the enthusiasm we’ve seen as kids quickly catch the vision of Tech Trep.”


Tech Trep just launched, offering 11 courses, with plans to add more soon. Each course connects students with an online tech mentor who can tailor materials to match individual capabilities as well as the latest software. The startup aims to both fan enthusiasm for tech and provide equal access to a practical education.


To this end, they’ve teamed up with the nonprofit Forever Young Foundation brought into being by NFL Hall of Fame quarterback Steve Young. This partnership enables students from all over the globe to take part in the Tech Trep Academy and even receive scholarships for courses.


We have no idea what young minds given the chance to focus their imaginations on tech entrepreneurship will come up with, because it hasn’t been done before. Similarly, the jobs they’ll one day work may not exist yet – could be invented by them in the process of learning! What an exciting time for education. Find registration, scholarship and more great information at


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