TeaRoundApp.com – Deciding Who Makes The Tea

TeaRoundApp.comA new iPhone app, Tea Round intends to make “democra-tea at work” available for users everywhere – at home, the office or wherever they are located. This app provides a “democratic selection process that resolves all brew-related arguments” in three different steps.

These are choosing the location, specifying who the individuals are and then letting the app pick one at random to do the honors.

Of course, such an app is useful. While I think I can live without it I do admit that there are people who will find it worth a try. Not that many, but in offices where tempers run high for the slightest incident anything that could prevent “accidents” from happening is quite a welcome addition. The app currently retails at 59p, and it is (obviously) presented by a British team named We Collaborate. It is also their first product. Let’s see where they go from here, and which products are forthcoming. Of course, you can follow them on Twitter and use the provided form should you have any ideas or suggestions that you wish to put forward.

TeaRoundApp.com In Their Own Words

“Tea Round rapidly settles thirst-based arguments by deciding who makes the tea.”

Why TeaRoundApp.com It Might Be A Killer

Brew related arguments are easily resolved through such an app.

Some Questions About TeaRoundApp.com

Which apps are going to be released next by this company? TeaRoundApp.com