Have Fun While Learning Spanish Online With TeamSpanish

Spanish, you beautiful and romantic language. You tormentor. Little did I know when I stepped into a classroom to tango with you for the first time in the fifth grade that I would spend the rest of my life struggling to master your rolling sounds and confounding conjugations.




Classes, cassette tapes, more classes, private classes and even more classes, and still I find myself misusing estar and ser. Sigh. Of course, each person’s journey when learning a new language is different, however, if I might be so bold as to make a blanket recommendation for anyone trying to learn Spanish, it would be this: have fun.


The less work it feels like, the better. No matter if Spanish comes to you second nature or if you’ll go on to fight endlessly with your tongue and brain as I have done, a light and conversational approach is the way to.


TeamSpanish is a new program for helping people to learn Spanish online. It’s built by “a family comprised of native Spanish speakers, teachers, and those who have learned it as a second language.” Lessons centered on entertaining as well as informing, and the easygoing tone you’ll find throughout the platform, show that the program’s creators understand the value of keeping the learning process fun and engaging.




Here, you’ll find an introduction to Spanish that more closely mirrors how children naturally pick up language rather than formal study. The goal is “to help people grow and connect by learning conversational Spanish in a simple way.” A very encouraging start.


Interactive video lessons are the foundation of the learning journey that users embark on with TeamSpanish. Each lesson has five to eight videos, as well as multiple-choice challenges. The program is geared for beginning learners, with lessons covering the building blocks for advancing (e.g. the alphabet, key phrases, grammar, greeting people).


For comfort and convenience, learners have access to TeamSpanish on PCs, tablet and mobile devices. The website has live chat support and a blog with extra tips to lend further assistance. A monthly plan runs just $15, which is an extremely reasonable price compared to other programs or private lessons.



TeamSpanish offers a free trial to get started, so there’s no risk in exploring if the program is right for you. Learn more details at teamspanish.com. Simple, fast and fun lessons. This is a great way to begin learning Spanish. Buena Suerte!


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