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Teamrankings.comBracketBrains from is a tool for anyone in need of a bit of help when betting on their favorite NCAA teams.


Developed by three Stanford grads, BracketBrains uses historical data and other data points to predict the outcomes of games, saving both the professional and casual better significant time. The basic service, which allows you to get data on a specific region, is free and there is a premium service which gives you the whole package. The complex nature of sports betting requires a bit of science and BracketBrains gives you just that. So whether you are just betting for fun, or you make your living on it, check this site out and improve your chances of winning. In Their Own Words

“BracketBrains doesn’t just look for historical trends or simulate games results based on the average statistics. That’s high school math. Our algorithms use thousands of data points and employ complex optimization techniques.

Why It Might Be A Killer

A lot of money changes hands during March Madness and many people who bet have no formula for picking winners. This site could become very popular amongst casual betters.

Some Questions About

Will they be releasing a report on how their picks did? This would be the ideal way for them to gain instant credibility, assuming that the results were favorable.

Author : Caroline Bright

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