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Collaboration. The success of any company depends upon a team working well together and communicating both easily and clearly.


Any manager looking for tools to help his team collaborate better will find approximately a zillion tools online at his or her disposal. Which is part of the problem. There are tools for handling chats, phone calls, managing projects, analytics… You get the idea. It can be a real challenge for the average digital worker just to keep straight all the tools in use, let alone navigate them successfully to improve work.


TeamGrid aims to give teams much needed help by providing a platform for clearer collaboration.



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TeamGrid allows members to quickly see who is working and what each person is working on. Keeping a fair amount of information visible without overwhelming the user is a good first step to streamlining workflow and eliminating a lot of redundant messaging. TeamGrid shows what members are actively doing, what they’ve been handed, and what they have planned.


By the same token, team members have an easier time managing projects and tasks. Viewing, categorizing, assigning and modifying are all a piece of cake with TeamGrid, via commonplace drag and drop ordering. Likewise, by dropping cards into the first row, team members can automatically keep real-time records of work devoted to any task.


A quick shift into agency mode further empowers teams to manage budgets, interact with clients, and handle accounting. From setting up customer projects to hourly billing, TeamGrid supports workflow in simple, orderly fashion.


Contacts? Analytics? No need to shell out for additional services or toggle back and forth between different tools. TeamGrid incorporates many components directly on the platform so that you can go about your business – all of your business – in one place.


What’s more, there’s no onerous onboarding or programming required to get a team up and running. Plus, TeamGrid currently offers a free 14-day trial period, so have a look for yourself at how quickly it can have your team collaborating more clearly.


If you’re interested in bringing all of your workplace activity under one online roof –  if you’re tired of needing scores of tools to have a project overview, video conversations, assemble reports for clients, etc. — then find out more about how TeamGrid can upgrade your collaboration at


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