TeachAde.com – A Community Site For Teachers

TeachAde.comSimply put, TeachAde is a community resource that is aimed at teachers and educators. Here, they can interact among themselves and exchange insight about their experiences while at the classroom, while developing strategies for communicating more effectively with students.

As it is always the case with social resources, it is possible to create and join groups. In this way, if you want to discuss only specific matters such as the role that Twitter can have on education you will be able to do so in a very direct manner indeed.

Of course, a comprehensive collection of media is included. For example, you can learn about topics which are a bit hard to translate into paper such as ear training for music and so forth.

Obviously, the site is free to join and use. No matter where you are located or what it is that you teach, chances are this community site will let you bring out the best in you – both inside and outside the classroom. Locate your browser at www.teachade.com in order to start informing yourself.

TeachAde.com In Their Own Words

“The first social networking website designed specifically for educators.”

Why TeachAde.com It Might Be A Killer

It is an apt spot for educators the world over to interact and learn together.

Some Questions About TeachAde.com

How many people are registered users already? Where do these mainly hail from? TeachAde.com