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TCMagazine.comThis magazine has been published scince 1997, here you can find news and reviews on hardware and software, and any other breaking news that come from the technical community. The reviews are cutting-edge, and many times come from the experts themselves: Asus, X-Micro, Microsoft and AMD.

It’s a worldwide online reference as to technical news. And it’s also the first and only community to provide full two way communication on IRC and IM. You can also find at this website downloads, reviews, forums, gallery, search, links, and you may also submit your own news. The news feed is done on hourly basis and includes topics like Tech support, best search engines etc… At Techconnect you will also find an online store where you can find clothing, houseware (mousepads, teddy bears, wall clocks and mugs), hats, bags, stickers, buttons, magnets, posters, journals and more. If you still don`t find anything you like you can also create anything that`s on your mind