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They will link you to the best tattoo web sites on the web and tattoo articles related. The site also offers their own tattoo gallery where you can choose from different categories such as color, black, tribal, and artwork tattoos, among others. Login, and be able to add, update, or remove images. Read interesting related articles such as China’s tattoo revolution & the Dulong Tribe, Beijing Tattoo Artist Dong Dong, A Sense of Focus, and many others. also offers yellow pages where you can search by tattoo studio name, artist, or just by country, state, province or city. Results will be submitted one page at a time in alphabetical order. Links to artists emails and websites are also listed if available. If you own or know of a studio that is not included in the list in the Worldwide Yellow Pages database, register and receive a free text studio listing. You can also shop tattoo merchandise such as books, clothing, accessories, and more. If you want to keep up with all the latest tattoo news, just click on “what’s new”. Last but not least, the website also features info on tattoos conventions, tattoo conferences, exposures, etc. and where are they held. People who are into tattoos will definitely have a positive response toward this site. Check it out.