Tatango.com – Group Text Messaging Solution

Tatango.comTatango is a group text messaging solution that allows users to create groups online, invite their friends to those groups, and then start sending and receiving messages from their desktop and directly from their mobile phone. To get started with Tatango, you’ll need to form a group, or multiple ones, and then the next time you want to send out a group message, simply type it on your phone or desktop and then send the message to the Tatango short code where it will be blasted out to all of your friends.

With Tatango, you can also create subgroups out of your contacts and delegate authority, allowing only the right person to send the right message to the right people.

Tatango.com In Their Own Words

“Tatango allows you to take your group mobile. Connect with your group anytime, anywhere through text messaging.”

Why Tatango.com It Might Be A Killer

Text messaging is becoming more prevalent in the US and Tatango could become an increasingly popular text messaging tool. It may especially appeal to those who would prefer to compose messages on their computer instead of having to type away on their phone’s tiny keypad.

Some Questions About Tatango.com

Are they working on ways that would make it easier to send out messages only to certain members of the group or to one individual at a time? Tatango.com