Tasty Startups: YOURBITE Wraps Up The Debate Over Which Nutrition Bars To Eat

Tasty Startups: YOURBITE


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The Craving it Satisfies

Personalized nutrition bars


Why it has a winning recipe

On the prowl for a snack at my nearest grocery store last week, I found myself pulled toward an impressive three to four shelf rack of “nutrition” bars. Maybe because I hadn’t had one in long time, or I’d already had my morning banana and a handful of cherries at lunch – I wanted something healthy, but was ready for something different – or maybe just because the store was very good at displaying, umm, healthy foods that need to be advertised as healthy foods…


No matter the reasons I gravitated toward the nutrition bars, let’s just say I was… both overwhelmed and underwhelmed. Props for variety – I had almost as many candidates for my snack as the Republican party does for the next presidential election. Outside of choice, however, the options disappointed.


Bars with ingredients of dubious nutritional value at best. Bars with massive sugar payloads. Flavors I simply don’t care for (I like ginger, but what’s it doing here?). So, I could have either spent all day examining bars until I found the right one, or grabbed something and undoubtedly eaten a snack packed with elements less tasty and healthy than I wanted.


Or I could have walked away hungry, banking on some genius startup to have come up with a better solution. And I would have been right! (I opted for my go-to snack of peanut butter and apple slices.)


YOURBITE “lets you create your own nutrition bars with exclusively healthy and organic ingredients.” You pick out what you want in your nutrition bar. They make them, wrap them up, and send them to your home.


The nutrition bars you receive are indeed your bite – the ingredients you’ve asked for without mysteries or danger of allergies or any of the other hassles that unnecessarily complicate grabbing a quick snack. Simple and delicious.


We all expect to have everything as we like it these days. No reason nutrition bars should miss the party. If you’re a fanatic snacker like myself – and I’ve met very few content creators or startup employees who aren’t – then jump on the list to know when YOURBITE is available at yourbite.co.nf



Need a bite that’s truly healthy and sustainable? Snack on a #personalnutritionbar.


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