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Tasty Startups: Wanna Lose Weight? Have Another Look At What You Eat With Plate App

Tasty Startups: Plate App


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The Craving it Satisfies

Lose weight by paying attention to what you eat, with the help of group support.


Why it has a winning recipe

I like weight loss solutions that don’t peddle magic beans, but that make it easier to change eating habits. While not as sexy as, say, the promise of losing weight through a program that allows you to continue scarfing all the bacon your heart desires, less flashy approaches can lead to actual results and long-term improved health.


Plate App belongs to this second group. This mobile, weight loss app helps eaters to log their meals, and work anonymously with a support group to rate meals, share ideas, and use feedback to address the scale-busters on our menus.


Sound somewhat ordinary or workmanlike? Before answering that question, consider this tasty morsel shared on the Plate App website: “Research shows that keeping a food journal results in twice as much weight loss because it brings awareness of what you are eating.” – WebMD


Think about that. Twice as much, just from paying attention. That’s amazing.


Here, Plate App makes life easier for people serious about monitoring their diet. Keeping a meal log is as simple as snapping a picture of your meal. How hard is that? No calorie counting. No paying for a nutritionist. Only a simple visual record of what you eat.


At the same time, users find help (and not judgement) from others. Teamed with similar journal keepers to rate each other’s meals, scores are kept anonymous. You’re the only one who sees your own score. These ratings give each individual a better sense of what helps push the needle toward weight loss goals and what keeps the scale moving in the wrong direction. It’s the best kind of support – reinforcement and constructive criticism, without pressure.


No magic beans, but Plate App hardly makes grueling demands on eaters. Aren’t you curious to see how a smidge of accountability – both personal and from the group – might trim off those pesky pounds?


Check this out, Tasty Startups readers. Typically Plate App would be free for the first 60 days and afterward cost $14.99 per month. As a reward for your fine reading palate, the first 250 people who sign up for the app ( using the promo code “killerstartup99” will receive 6 months of free use! I see us a slimmer, happier group already.



Share what you’re eating and show yourself the way toward effective weight loss @PlateLabs


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