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Tasty Startups: Trusted Restaurant Recommendations From People Who’ve Tastd

Tasty Startups: Tastd


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The Craving it Satisfies

Restaurant recommendations you don’t have to cross-check with 20 sources.


Why it has a winning recipe

For all the lists of best restaurants, all the reviewers and bloggers out there, all the review and recommendation engines available online, there’s one source of recommendations that will always carry more weight: friends.


We know our friends’ tastes, so we don’t have to work hard to gauge the value of their opinions. We can process their input quickly, which helps to make decisions faster. What’s more, we talk with our friends and dine with our friends, so it’s inherently more fun to engage with them when it’s time to choose restaurants.


Tastd understands the bonds of friendship and favorite restaurants, and looks to make the ties stronger rather than add yet another voice to the “bests” discussions.


Tastd is a restaurant app that gives users a space to make lists of recommendations and to share them with as many people as desired. Recommendations can pass between friends, making it easier for everyone to share and discover favorite restaurants, or recs can be shared with other foodies – giving restaurant lovers a chance become a trusted food guru with a wider following.


As for keeping restaurant information organized and handy, Tastd keeps things simple and useful here as well. Mark restaurants on a map, and attach pictures, comments and tags. These details help to both remember places and to form recommendations for others.


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When it comes time to dine out, restaurant goers can turn to Tastd for their map views, or individuals whose recommendations they value and follow, or lists created according to different cuisines.


Sound simple? It is, which makes Tastd a handy tool for figuring out where to eat. Let others drive themselves deliriously hungry while scouting endlessly and wringing their hands trying to figure out if a rec is trustworthy or not. You and your friends will already be seated at a table, finding out for yourselves and enjoying good company.


The makers of Tastd had this to say about their venture, now available on iOS for download in the App Store (with an Android version on the way soon): “We are a team of foodies who love good food. We find ourselves eating out a lot, and we realized how difficult it is to navigate the plethora of recommendations available, especially when visiting a new city. We wanted to make life easier for foodies like us, that prefer the recommendation of a friend instead of anonymous reviews. After all, everybody has favorite restaurants; we just need to unlock that immense pool of information.”


Keep track of your favorite restaurants, and always have those most trusted recommendations at your fingertips, by visiting



Get #restaurantrecommendations @tastdapp from the people you trust – your friends!


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