Tasty Startups: SynchroLife Smacks Your Tastes And Smart Restaurant Recommendations Together

Tasty Startups: SynchroLife


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The Craving it Satisfies

Personalized restaurant recommendations


Why it has a winning recipe

Enough restaurant discovery/recommendation apps have shown up that certain features are easily recognizable as par for the course. Local restaurants should be easily searchable. You should be able to leave quick reviews and ratings (with a chance to build up influence if you so desire) as well quickly digest the reviews of others. Most newcomer have worked hard to make pictures of dishes attractive, offer directions to establishments, made contact a breeze…


SynchroLife, a personalized restaurant recommendation app, can place a check next to each of these must have features. Where it strives to differentiate itself is in how it learns to make better recommendations. The more you share your ratings or write about your food adventures, the smarter SynchroLife becomes about learning both your habits and tastes – and then pinpointing other restaurants that you’re sure to enjoy.


Figuring out where to eat can still leave us scratching our heads. When we’re hungry, we tend to forget what we like to eat and where we like to go. With SynchroLife, you have a backup brain that understands your cravings and can steer you in the right direction quickly.


Artificial intelligence also enables SynchroLife to connect you with other foodies that have a similar palate and lifestyle. If the app reaches the boiling point on this mark it would represent a leap forward in matching people with less effort on the user’s part.


What’s more, it’s exciting to see the Japanese food community show up on the radar (which is where SynchroLife is being created). Find trending restaurants and dishes around the country by using SynchroLife, and the local food guides who might be willing to show you the best spots.


Snack on more details at synchrolife.jp.



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