Tasty Startups: Susie – We’ll All Have What She’s Having

Tasty Startups: Susie

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The Craving it Satisfies

Food delivery with no decision making involved.


Why it has a winning recipe

“I don’t care, as long as I don’t have to think about it.” How many times have you given some version of this answer when asked what you’d like to have for dinner? Hundreds, thousands of time?


Let’s face it – ordering food isn’t that tough. It takes just a couple taps of the cellphone, for pastrami’s sake. You have more tools and reviews for helping you choose what to eat than even the champion of Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest could possibly digest. There are stores and restaurants – roaming food trucks! There’s food everywhere. Yet, deciding what to eat again and again and again… still often feels like too much work.


O, to live in the Bay Area.


Susie is a food delivery service that doesn’t even require you to put in an order. After having told Susie what you like to eat, selected the time and location you prefer to eat, Susie sends dinner to your house. Cue angelic singing.


Up until a cutoff time, users have the ability to cancel orders, change location, or adjust quantities. Susie sends a text notification ahead of delivery. The beauty of the service is that the default mode forgoes the need to tax your brain with deciding what to eat or what recipe to use. Dinner just shows up automatically when you need it, until you tell Susie otherwise.


Susie is starting out in private beta in the Bay Area, but look for this unusual subscription service to catch on quickly:. We’re all lazy and we all have to eat. Susie offers a perfect solution.


No doubt there will be a lot of kinks to work out. Being location-based and figuring out what should go on the menu for each customer everywhere require fine tuning. And our appetite for hyper-personalized service will surely place a heavy burden on the startup.


For the time being, though, can’t we just bask in the thought of not having to think about what to have for dinner at all? Find out more at susiedelivers.com.



No planning, no cooking, not even ordering is necessary tonight @SusieDelivers


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