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Tasty Startups: Servy Sends Restaurant Reviews Back To The Kitchen (Without Angering The Chef)

Tasty Startups: Servy


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The craving it satisfies:

A smarter way to collect feedback for restaurants.


Why it has a winning recipe:

It’s both an exciting and nerve-wracking time to be a restauranteur. A growing population of adventurous, frequent diners means – if you execute your vision well – more tables filled. On the other hand, that same appetite for great dining experiences has turned everyone into a reviewer, which is problematic.


Bad reviews are lethal for business and demand attention. Restaurants have to respond because of social pressure, but without certainty of how it will help business or if changes are truly necessary or not. Sites like Yelp give people space to air their grievances, but there’s no accountability or standards. Feedback is one messy, free-for-all system. The blurred lines between blogger and food critic have only confused the situation more.


Servy offers a constructive alternative.


Servy is a mobile app that allows vetted users – who are secret shoppers (or diners) – to give restaurants feedback. Restaurants receive private, useful feedback while qualified patrons receive partial reimbursement on their checks. Plus, they get to help the industry improve.


Those accepted to evaluate for Servy include foodies, chefs, owners, and hospitality professionals – people who understand restaurant operations and can provide informed insights. What’s more, Servy works with restaurants to create custom evaluations. This gives them the opportunity to have specific questions answered as well as collect more data than they ever would with your average comment card or “How’d we do?” question at the end of a meal.


For restaurants that are serious about guest satisfaction, the opportunity to address flaws privately is priceless. Servy charges a flat fee based on average check size, which means that restaurants still profit on each cover – unlike other secret shopper programs that charge a lot for single evaluations.


So, more feedback, expert objective feedback, and affordable feedback. Pretty smart.


Another benefit of Servy is that it puts a stop to… let’s call them impassioned diners seeking special treatment or handouts, which is bad form and taints feedback. Participants are rewarded with meal discounts or gift certificates. This gives diners a clear benefit while also allowing them to weigh-in without compromising their input – it takes vanity out of the equation and keeps the success of the restaurant and the health of the industry under the heat lamp, so to speak.


Ready to become an undercover Servy consultant, or find out the truth about how your restaurant is doing? Order up more info at



The real answers to “How was everything?” that restaurants need to hear @ServyApp


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