Tasty Startups: Reserve

Tasty Startups: Reserve


The Craving it Satisfies

“Concierge service” makes restaurant reservations for you and takes care of paying the check.


Why it has a winning recipe

There’s already enough work in the day. Making a restaurant reservation doesn’t need to be another chore. In fact, it doesn’t need to be something you do at all.


Mobile application Reserve books tables for you. Tap in the number of people in your party, the date, and the time frame in which you’d like to dine, and Reserve lists recommendations. Select a restaurant, and then Reserve sets out to nail down the reservation for you. Text messages notify you of progress.


Instead of feeling frustrated while trying to book one table after another and striking out on reservations, Reserve zeroes in on the reservation slots that work for you and handles the booking. At the end of a meal, with your credit card information on file, Reserve pays the check automatically, including gratuity (based on your preferences) and a small concierge fee.


I like how Reserve turns restaurant search inside out. It’s a pain to figure out where you’d like to eat only to discover you can’t get in when you want. Reserve streamlines the process of making resies by serving up attractive restaurants when you plan to dine out. So far, the app (currently iOS) offers its services in NYC, Boston, LA, and San Francisco.


As a new parent, Reserve gives me hope. I love to dine out, but my windows of opportunity for doing so are small. There’s simply no time to hunt down resies and little flex in the schedule. What’s more, hastening the payment process could be the difference between a wonderful evening – a few blessed minutes spent remembering how to play adult – and a complete train wreck.


After the last forkful passes my lips, I’m ready to go, ecstatic thank you very much to have finished a meal. Lingering, chatting it up with service, pleasant as those experiences might be, are luxuries I can’t afford at the moment. It’s well worth a few dollars to me if it means I can dash from the table and dine out once again.


Reserve is out to improve the entire dining experience, and understands the challenges business face – slim margins for survival, the importance of building relationships, etc. So, partnering restaurants don’t pay any fees, nor do they have to tie up table slots and potentially turn down vital customers.


CEO & Founder Greg Hong adds, “It’s important to us to help our partners run their business more efficiently, express themselves creatively, and create an experiences that will turn guests into regulars because we share a common goal with our partners –making dining better for restaurants.”


Simplifying reservations and the settling of the bill will put the startup well on its way to achieving these goals. Learn more about making reservations – or improving service at your restaurant – at Download the app here.



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