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Tasty Startups: Pop & Stop Beer Lunacy

Tasty Startups: Pop & Stop

pop and stop




The Craving it Satisfies

Seal you beer bottles before they go flat or get spilled.


Why it has a winning recipe

So many beer bottles left unfinished then emptied down the drain, knocked over, nabbed mistakenly by the wrong person. Where’s the love?


Pop & Stop looks to put an end to such villainous treatment of beer. It’s a keychain-sized bottle opener and sealer. It opens beer bottles much like your ordinary opener, but turns over conveniently to serve as a stopper that will protect the sudsy goodness of you beer from leaking out onto the pavement or from going stale. (Watch this cheeky video for a better show of the horrible demises beer bottles suffer).


And just why hasn’t preserving beer been shown the same urgency as saving wine or champagnes? Good question. With the rise in popularity of craft beers and bombers, unfinished beer stings both the taste buds and pocketbook. About time that wasted beer is no longer taken as a given.


Could be that sealing in that carbonation and extending the life of beer isn’t as simple of a proposition as it sounds. Joe Hackel, creator of Pop & Stop, besides being an entrepreneur, is also a spacecraft designer-aerospace engineer. How’s that for thinking across fields of expertise?


If not exactly rocket science, developing Pop & Stop has taken clever engineering as well as the help of 3D printing technology. And funding…


Hackel and co. have turned to Kickstarter for help. They intend to keep production entirely within the USA and want to ramp up manufacturing. So far, $1,730 has been pledged toward the $8,500 goal.


Looking for a simple tool to open, enjoy, and seal your beer? Frustrated that you haven’t had a way to keep your beer fresh? Visit to learn more or support their Kickstarter campaign here.



Seal your beer’s fate – for the better! #Savethebeer


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