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Tasty Startups: PlateJoy – It Just Got A Lot Easier For You To Eat Healthy Meals

Tasty Startups: PlateJoy



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The Craving it Satisfies

Personalized healthy eating


Why it has a winning recipe

I’ve found that eating healthy isn’t hard. Nutritious foods tend to be naturally delicious. It’s getting in the habit of eating healthy meals that’s soooooooooo tough.


Too many processed foods that short-circuit our willpower (potato chips will always be my undoing), too many diets that pay no attention to our likes/dislikes/lifestyle/schedule/etc. Too few sources of affordable fresh food within easy reach… The number of reasons why eating right by the body proves challenging runs longer than the list of ingredients in an Oreo Cakester. Needless to say, most of us – who begin trying to take care of ourselves with less than perfect habits firmly in place – need serious help.


PlateJoy, well, they’ve stepped up to the plate (sorry) to provide convenient, healthy meals. For starters, they ask about you and your intentions rather than subject you to a prescribed diet. Then they help you put together a menu that both works for you and puts you on course to reach your dietary goals.


They create shopping lists for you, they equip you with recipes and cooking instructions. They deliver food to you (currently in San Fran and L.A.). PlateJoy sets you up to eat well, so you’ll have to go out of your way to eat junk.


But I don’t have time… sorry, they take time constraints into account. I can’t keep track of what’s on hand… no dice, PlateJoy hooks you up with a digital pantry so that you stay dialed in with exactly the ingredients you need. They even have a waste reduction algorithm that coordinates ingredients across recipes so that you minimize waste annnnd maximize the freshness of your food.


So, you save money by buying less. Healthy, quality ingredients come to you. Plus, PlateJoy stuffs you with foods you want to eat, as your schedule allows for you to prepare. Given up on the excuses yet?


It’s not worth the struggle. If you’ve ever wanted to stick to you desire to eat healthier, then look into putting on the menu.



Quick, easy, delicious, healthy: call your home meals all of these things with help from @PlateJoy


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Author : Keith Liles

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