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The Craving it Satisfies

Organic, plant-based nutritional supplements


Why it has a winning recipe

Fish is my favorite protein, by far. When it’s fresh, I enjoy all varieties. During stretches when I lived where fresh fish wasn’t readily available, I looked for fish oil to keep feeding my brain those essential omega-3 fatty acids. And, I gotta tell ya, those pills were tough to handle. I’d never, never, had such awful fishy burps after a fish meal as I did from taking those pills. Good grief.


Ora looks to rid supplement takers of such unpleasantries, and leaves out other undesirable ingredients from their supplements.


Based in California, Ora makes plant-based, organic nutritional supplements. No synthetic ingredients, chemicals, fillers, preservatives, GMOs or other nastiness most of us pretend not to see or tell ourselves is worth the positive benefits of taking supplements. Not only are their supplements the real deal, they’ve been designed to taste delicious by chefs. Goodbye fish burps and hello pineapple citrus spray!


That omega-3 that fish are prized for comes from algae they eat, the same vegan and sustainably harvested stuff that Ora uses for its spray. Science fans will appreciate the backstory behind the discovery of this algae. Fans of healthy living will appreciate that Ora’s supplements are free of dairy, gluten, soy and have labels that clearly reflect what’s in the bottle.


Just starting out in beta, Ora sells the omega-3 spray, probiotics, and organic superfood protein (“way better than whey”). Ha! You can gain early access to their store with the invitation code: orabegins2015 (thanks, BetaList).


I don’t know about you, but I’ve tried and tried to take a multivitamin and I’ve never been able to do it. With food, without food, they’ve always made me feel terrible afterward, generally causing intense stomach pain. I’ll be thrilled when Ora delivers the first multivitamin made from fruits and veggies they are currently developing.


It goes without saying that plant-based supplements are absorbed more easily by the body and therefore their effect is more immediate and powerful – score for all of us. What’s also attractive about Ora is their transparency. You won’t find them omitting ingredients are sneaking in unidentifiable substances as happens commonly in an under-regulated industry.


I look forward to giving Ora’s goods a try and to seeing if they don’t pressure others to follow their eco-friendly and sustainable practices. Learn more at ora.organic.



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