Tasty Startups: NoshList Is First In Line To End Waiting Games

Tasty Startups: NoshList



The Craving it Satisfies

No more waiting indefinitely for your table to be ready or dealing with guests frustrated by long waits.


Why it has a winning recipe

No one likes waiting for a restaurant table to open up – not hungry customers, not restaurant owners looking to fill seats and make money, and not front of house staff that has precious time and attention stolen from them while dealing with wait complications.


Out to make managing wait lists incredibly easy, NoshList has already helped to see over 53,149,851 diners served.


The key to their early success has been making life easier for both restaurant staff and guests. From the customers’ standpoint, NoshList spares them the burden of holding onto clunky buzzers. They’re free to roam or do what they like as they wait for a table to open up, since NoshList will text or call when a table is ready.


Diners can see a restaurant’s wait list, so they no longer have to wonder how far down the line they are. Based on the average wait time, an estimate of when a table will be ready gives guests a more realistic idea of when they can expect to have menus in hand.



What’s more, diners can add their names to a wait list without first speaking to anyone at the restaurant, making it faster and easier to decide where to eat. This nifty feature points out a major strength of NoshList – it simplifies and hastens communication between restaurant personnel and patrons.


Tools like OpenTable make handling reservations more efficient, but the wait list is really where relations fray and major time gets wasted. NoshList dispenses with all the back and forth check-ins that accomplish very little. Guests have a clear idea of when their table will be available. Staff doesn’t have to work so hard to track down diners or wonder if they’ll come back. Simple mobile communication does the trick.


Restaurants can manage up to 100 parties a month free of charge, which makes NoshList a viable solution for smaller businesses that live on the slimmest of margins and need to put bodies in seats as efficiently as possible.


Other features such as loyalty tracking, custom branding and party requests, only add to NoshList’s value, but wait list management is where the application excels – and gives the technology life beyond the restaurant scene. Any business that maintains a wait list may take advantage of the app.


No one wins when navigating the wait list feels like enduring a hostage crisis. NoshList defuses tensions with a simple notification system and public wait list. Learn more at noshlist.com.



Ditch the clipboards and buzzers @noshlist. Take the pain out of waiting http://noshlist.com


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