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Tasty Startups: You Are What You (Want To) Eat At Nomsy

Tasty Startups: Nomsy



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The Craving it Satisfies

An easier time eating the way you want to eat


Why it has a winning recipe

Ask a vegetarian how much fun it is to live in Argentina, where beef is king and the air during the weekends is so thick with grilling meat that you could douse a cloud with chimichurri and eat it like a steak.


Having a diet out of step with those around you has serious social consequences. It makes going out more difficult, can turn family gatherings or public events into painfully awkward affairs, and make life lonelier in general. It can blanch the enjoyment out of any food in a hurry.


Nomsy gives eaters – of any diet – the tools to find food that suits their diet and other individuals who share their tastes.


I love that Nomsy isn’t prescriptive, doesn’t advocate for any particular diet or propose what is healthy. Nomsy wisely caters to an audience with diverse tastes, standing out of the way of its users and allowing them to find what works best.


Nomsy provides a space where people can share articles, ask questions, discuss recipes, and find a foodie community that makes him or her feel welcome. Nomsy also helps to find/share/collect tailored content – articles, recipes, etc.


In addition, Nomsy serves as a tool for exploring restaurants based on preferences, so you can know before you go and discover places that make you comfortable. To this end, Nomsy is both informative and visually appealing. Dining should excite the senses, after all, rather than paralyze us with the dread of not having anything on the menu that’s right for us.


Regardless if you’re challenged when it comes time to make dinner for yourself at home or with finding friends who share your belief that insects should be a protein mainstay, Nomsy lets you fill your plate more enthusiastically.


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Author : Keith Liles

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