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Tasty Startups: Nomnom Preheats The Oven For Peer-To-Peer Cooking

Tasty Startups: Nomnom

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The Craving it Satisfies

Buy and sell home cooking


Why it has a winning recipe

We all know what it’s like to walk past a neighbor’s house – through a cloud of delirium-inducing deliciousness – and to want desperately to eat whatever it is that’s cooking inside. This may happen now with Nomnom.


Nomnom is a mobile app that connects people with extra food on their hands with those nearby who’d like to buy homemade dishes.


Snap a picture of what you’ve cooked up in the kitchen, name your price (if you’re charging), and post it with the app so that hungry people nearby can hurry on over.


This is wonderful venue for the sharing economy to open. It gives home cooks a chance to earn a little extra money selling their “famous” foods that everyone has been telling them they should try selling, and it gives neighbors a chance to buy authentic, homemade dishes (unlike so much “homestyle” garbage advertised elsewhere).


For those who’ve always thought about trying to sell their cookies, lasagna, tarts, what have you, but have been reluctant to do so, Nomnom clears a lot of hurdles. It’s easy to use, and far less daunting than trying to begin by opening a business.


Having a great recipe does not a restauranteur make. Nor does small-scale selling of home-cooked meals necessarily warrant a full-scale operation. Home “cooks” can turn to Nomnom as frequently or infrequently as they like.


Of course, Nomnom can also be a wonderful tool to simply make sure that no food ever goes to waste. Instead of throwing away perfectly good meals when 2 people show up to a party that’s been prepped to accommodate 50, Nomnom offers an efficient way to dispatch the extras.


Does the thought of food from someone else’s noncommercial kitchen make you nervous? You do eat at other people’s homes, don’t you? …Anyway, for those concerned about food safety, a public rating system will help build confidence in those using the app.


Want to make some extra money by selling the dishes your family and friends are always raving about? Or, just want to make your neighbors really really happy? Rush over to to signup for early beta access.



Never ask “What am I going to do with all this food?”ever again with #Nomnom


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