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Tasty Startups: MunchQuick Delivers All That We’d Ask Of Lunch

Tasty Startups: MunchQuick

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The Craving it Satisfies

Fast, affordable and healthy lunch delivered (with a humanitarian garnish)


Why it has a winning recipe

For most people, lunch is primarily a meal of necessities. It needs to be fast. It needs to be convenient. It needs to be reasonably priced. And after all of those details get ticked off the checklist, maybe, just maybe we can ask that lunch be healthy as well.


DC-based MunchQuick fits the bill admirably. This delivery service prepares fresh meals that are already rolling out the kitchen doors by the time the hungry crowd has placed their orders online.


Meals show up in under 30 minutes. A call just before arrival summons buyers to the curb to grab their lunch. Some might consider this inconvenient, but it’s hard to argue with when you consider that MunchQuick doesn’t charge any delivery fees (or require a minimum to place an order). And, and, the nimble startup is determined to keep prices under $10.


Pretty sweet deal. For those with specific dietary needs or fancies, MunchQuick offers a specialty delivery service 3 times a week for $30, working with a nutritionist to fulfill health-minded hankerings. MunchQuick also provides group lunches and catering.


On top of swift and healthy lunch delivery, MunchQuick donates a meal to Martha’s Table for every order placed. So you do right by yourself and the community, helping to fight back against hunger, when you order from MunchQuick.


I think with food startups, we often tend to key-in on the crazy innovators and overlook those that provide a straightforward, high-quality service. MunchQuick should make us rethink such disposition. MunchQuick offers great value at under $10 bucks. It’s a smart choice, because it fresh and healthy. After lunch, you can savor the satisfaction of a tasty meal as well as the gratification of helping those in need.


Let’s hope others turning up the stoves take notice of the business model. Chomp on more details at



Feed yourself – and fellow man – well at lunchtime @MunchQuick


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Author : Keith Liles

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