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Tasty Startups: Milk Nanny – Nothin’ Formulaic About This Formula

Tasty Startups: Milk Nanny

milk nanny



The Craving it Satisfies

Prepare baby formula milk in seconds.


Why it has a winning recipe

The only number parents will need to hear to begin drooling along with their toddlers is 15 – that’s how many seconds it takes the Milk Nanny to prepare a bottle of formula, without clumps, warmed and ready for screaming mouth.


Milk Nanny is like your home coffee pot brewer but for baby formula milk, with accompanying mobile application.



There are a lot of things none of us knows about parenting until we become parents and experience raising a child firsthand (I’m four months into the adventure now myself). Babies wake up at times going from gently stirring to nerve-rattling screams in no time. Functioning as a parent is often a lot like climbing at high altitude in that simple tasks become ridiculously difficult – thanks in large to disrupted or nonexistent sleep.


Milk Nanny gives parents a hand in many considerate ways. Mixing formula milk is tedious. If you’ve ever prepared boxed mac and cheese, you’ll understand the pains of combining powdered food and liquid. Only, instead of resulting in a pastry forkful, clumped milk in a bottle… Then there’s trying to ready the bottle with a crying baby in hand… With Milk Nanny, you have a bottle ready with the simple press of a button.


What really makes this home appliance even more convenient is the ability to control the machine with a smartphone app. Start Milk Nanny from the bed, and the bottle should be good to go by the time you reach the crib. Because they know (yes they do!) when you’re awake. That’s when hunger really kicks in. So, Milk Nanny lets you pull off the miraculous feat of having a bottle ready before baby knows what you’re up to.


Goodbye, heating water (Milk Nanny takes care of this). Goodbye, spills (suction rubber feet further prevent bottles from tipping). Goodbye, exhausting feed-me-now tantrums.


Oh, yeah, and Milk Nanny also saves parents after they’ve inevitably forgotten when the little one ate and how much milk he guzzled this time – so important, yet shockingly hard to keep track of.


Currently Milk Nanny is running a Kickstarter campaign, looking to raise funds to commence with mass production. Visit to learn more or their project page to claim a smart feeding machine to keep up with your hungry hungry feeding machine.



Go from zombie to genius making baby’s bottle with the Milk Nanny @Wicozinc


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