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Tasty Startups: KptnCook Whips Together Three, Thirty-Minute Recipes Ideas Each Day

Tasty Startups: KptnCook



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The Craving it Satisfies

Easy-to-prepare, delicious meal ideas


Why it has a winning recipe

Variety is the spice of life, as the saying goes. This holds true literally when it comes to diet, and I’ve become convinced that the same logic applies to recipe or cooking apps. Too much of any one thing becomes redundant and bland, even if choice is a key ingredient.


Besides, it’s always fun to welcome new shiny tools into the kitchen drawers…


KptnCook is one dash recipe discovery, one dash cooking app, currently available as a free App Store download. The secret sauce of this US newcomer first cooked up in Germany is that it shares three recipes daily from top food bloggers. Recipes hang around for 24 hrs. Save your favorites if you care to, or else they’re whisked away – keeping your mind and pantry uncluttered with excess options.


We make enough decisions. Too many dish options, and the prospect of cooking begins to weigh too heavily. KptnCook aims to keep things light and fresh. Recipes should take no longer than 30 minutes to execute. Users can screen ideas to meet dietary requirements (vegetarian, meat-loving, low-carb, etc.) It’s also worth mentioning – and other food-related apps should take note – that pictures actually make you want to eat suggested dishes. Shockingly, this is not always the case with new arrivals.


Of course, dinner ideas only go so far. No one wants to be led out to the middle of bridge with stunning views only to find there’s no way to cross to the other side. To help cooks go from ideas to putting food on the table, KptnCook includes step-by-step cooking instructions with illustrations. Recipes also sync with shopping lists whose products are available at either Whole Foods or Safeway grocery stores. This allows cooks to know exactly what’s needed, how much a dish will cost to make, and saves a bundle of time normally spent on creating a list and doing the shopping.


Kitchen mathematicians will appreciate a servings calculator and nutritional facts that further help to make the right menu choices. Fun, delicious, easy, appropriate – is that too much to ask of the cooking experience? KptnCook doesn’t think so.


Grab a bigger slice of info at, and season your imagination with three new recipe ideas tonight.



Deciding what to eat shouldn’t be an agonizing ordeal @KptnCookApp


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