Tasty Startups: Jumpr – Lines Always Look Better When They’re Behind You

Tasty Startups: Jumpr


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The Craving it Satisfies

Jump the line by pre-ordering and prepaying for drinks and food.


Why it has a winning recipe

I love lounging at cafés for hours, slowly enjoying a delicious coffee drink, reading at a relaxed pace… which happens about once every three months with my packed schedule. Most days, I feel the need for speed. Well, caffeine that is. The sooner the better.


I admit I’ve been a little slow to join the pre-ordering, prepaying bandwagon. Again, often it’s a pleasure to linger at a restaurant or café – even a necessary change of pace to avoid burnout. However, I’ve come around to recognizing that avoiding delays has its time and place.


Chiefly, when you want to grab a coffee nearby but don’t have time for the line or swamped barista.


Hello, Jumpr.


Jumpr is an app that lets you skip the lines altogether by placing your order and paying in advance. The mobile app also has a handy search for targeting the closest cafés partnered with Jumpr, so that you can beeline for your fix.


I have a fondness for locally owned coffee shops. Availing themselves on a platform like Jumpr is a great way to prevent logjams at the counter and to become a more convenient option for more customers – both good for business in a tech-fueled, speed-obsessed society. I want to see great establishments survive, and building a Jumpr community is a smart way to compete with the churn-and-burn Goliaths (cough cough Starbucks cough).


Easy ordering + handy maps + simple, desirable filters for things like ratings and distance = caffeine and other treats in your bloodstream fast, when time is of the essence. This is a sound equation.


Sign up to become a jumpr at jumprapp.com.



Nab your favorite drinks and snacks in no time, by ordering and paying before you arrive @Jumprapp


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