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Tasty Startups: You Might Actually Use Your Kitchen Again With A HelloFresh Subscription

Tasty Startups: HelloFresh





The Craving it Satisfies

Box delivery of easy-to-cook, portioned, fresh and healthy meals


Why it has a winning recipe

I always tell everyone that I love to cook when I have the time. And I really mean it. I enjoy preparing ingredients, cooking, the satisfaction of savoring bites you’ve created on your own, the pleasure of cooking for others… That time part? Yeah, it’s been quite a few months since I’ve done any cooking in the house.


HelloFresh has a great recipe for those who like to cook, but are starved of the time it takes to do the grocery shopping and preparing and cooking, etc. It’s a box subscription service that delivers nutritious meals to your doorstep.


Meals are designed with variety and health in mind. Ingredients are fresh and aimed at keeping a balanced diet. All of the ingredients come portioned out. So, with the recipe also included, it takes very little time to put a delicious and nutritious meal on the table.


Recipes are simple enough for novice chefs to follow but flavorful enough to keep the foodies interested as well. The other winning factor – in addition to great tasting dinners – is that HelloFresh takes so much leg work out of the equation. Even when you do find the time to cook, how often does the brief opportunity coincide with a desire to figure out what recipe you’re going to use, determine if you have everything you need in house, and shop for what you’re missing?


I don’t have the energy to even finish the sentence, which is to say that cooking right by you and your family is a tall order these days. HelloFresh takes the pressure off mind and body, and makes it possible to put home cooked and healthy meals back on the menu again.


Clearly I’m not alone in thinking so. Earlier this year, HelloFresh closed a $126 million Series E funding round. They currently operate in the US, UK and a handful of European countries. Just goes to show that the crunch to cook healthy meals is felt across cultures. HelloFresh offers a choice of a classic or veggie box. Subscribers can also adjust the number of meals in their deliveries as well as the quantities of ingredients to match the number of people that need to be fed.


For a heartier portion of info on the service, check out



Well, hello, kitchen and healthy meals. Nice to see you again @HelloFresh


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