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Tasty Startups: Easy-To-Grab Dish Ideas From Handpick

Tasty Startups: Handpick



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The Craving it Satisfies

Dish discovery made easy, starting with the ingredients you have on hand


Why it has a winning recipe

Not all recipe needs are the same. Some days I find that I need a complete recipe to make use of the ingredients whose time has come to exit the shelves. Others, I just need a prod – to know what else goes together with the cauliflower I bought on a lark (besides dousing it heavily in cheese). And then there are the times that I want to gawk at colorful pictures until I see a dish that I just have to make on my own.


Like your average smartphone user, I’ve come to expect to be able to all of these things instantly and separately, without functions tripping over one another and without entering ingredients taking too much effort on my part. Ha! (You’ve got to tip your hat to developers for trying to please us in the first place, right?)


Handpick offers an attractive solution.


This app makes me think of a swiss army knife – digital, of course – for handling any recipe need. First, you have an ingredient pairing engine. If you’re curious about trying to use an ingredient, you can find out what, say, asparagus, goes with. This is the perfect nudge to try cooking with an unfamiliar ingredient or to figure out how to use something in the fridge that’s got you stumped.


You can also turn to Handpick to enter in ingredients on hand and find recipes to put them together. Handpick draws from recipe databases, blogs, food sites – basically, anywhere online. As the website puts it, it’s “quickly becoming the world’s largest searchable source of food posts, with up to 10 million socially shared food posts from 1.6 million content creators worldwide.”


Already equipped to help you make a dish with over 10,000 suggestions, and tapped into a wealth of recipe ideas, ummm, (how do I say this kindly?) if you still have trouble finding a recipe, the weird ingredients might not be the problem. Just sayin’.


Handpick also makes searching for dishes fast and simple through basic search, hashtag search or by browsing Instagram food porn.


Ideas for pairing ingredients, recommended and trending pairings, detailed dish views with recipes… yep, Handpick has it all, without the slightest appearance of cluttering. For good measure, the app also serves as a social community for both sharing and creating content, so foodies can stay filled up on their favorite topics.


That’s a lot of dish ideas starting from just a couple ingredients. Find the inspiration you’re missing at, or download the app from the App Store and Google Play.



An ingredient or two and you’re on the way toward amazing dishes @Handpickfood


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