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The Craving it Satisfies

Empowering shoppers to help eliminate food waste


Why it has a winning recipe

It’s simply tragic that food goes to waste while people battle hunger in this world. Collectively, we can do better, and we should use all of our resources to put a stop to senseless waste.


We looooove using our smartphones to take pictures. Now, we can harness this habit to combat the immense problem of supermarket waste.


Froodly is a mobile app that lets consumers take pics of food about to expire, so that other members of the Froodly community can snatch up savings and prevent further food waste.


Hey, food is expensive. Nothing wrong with a discount. If you can’t take advantage of savings on soon-to-expire food, pass it along to others who can. Notice, I used a few extra words to say “soon-to-expire.” A stigma persists, or fear, if you will, that this food is already tainted when the truth is that it’s perfectly safe to eat. Froodly not only counteracts the environmental waste of soon to expire food going bad, but helps to squash this aversion at the same time.


Need more incentives? Participating on Froodly earns consumers green credits, which go toward accumulating additional discounts, scoring organic seed boxes, and other rewards like having a tree planted in your name.


Let’s be real: food waste is an enormous and global challenge. There’s no silver bullet for solving the problem, because the systems of food distribution are complex. We need lots of solutions. Froodly, starting out in Helsinki, is great, because it gives each consumer an immediate and direct way to begin fighting against waste. No feeling helpless or as though the problem is too big, here. It’s easy to make a positive contribution. Either take advantage of discounts advertised or snap a quick pic so that others can stop spoilage.


Learn more about how you can save food and money at froodly.com.



Let’s put a stop to supermarket food waste @froodlyco


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