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Tasty Startups: Found Eats Is Etsy For Craft Foods

Tasty Startups: Found Eats

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The Craving it Satisfies

Discover or sell small batch foods


Why it has a winning recipe

On the way to visit my in-laws, we always stop by roadside stands to buy delicious jams and other treats, like pickled veggies from local farms. I suffer minor panic attacks when we run out and I know it will be some time before we hop in the car again. I often complain that there ought to be another way to buy that stuff.


Found Eats might be the solution to my woes and the place to find other scrumptious snacks not found on the supermarket shelves. Found Eats is a social marketplace for specialty food products, joining food lovers with independent food makers. Think Etsy, but for the world of craft food makers.


As relaxed and pleasant as the individuals manning their roadside stands or booths at seasonal markets might be, there’s rarely a sense that they make a living easily – which is a shame since their products are often far tastier and healthier than their mass produced counterparts. Found Eats gives people an online venue to sell their foodstuffs and reach a larger audience.


Who else is ready to see the movement toward artisanal foods leap from rare/expensive/luxury items to commonplace? Bless the independents who bring character to our communities and wow us with their divinely tasty treats. Let’s keep them in business.


Word of mouth is the bread and butter (how’s that for doubling down on eating imagery?) of marketing for these food makers. Found Eats lets them tell their stories, gives us a chance to meet them – when we otherwise might have a difficult time physically finding them – and lets us buy their products more easily.


Found Eats also works as a place to swap recipes, talk food trends and share our discoveries with others. Food is inherently social, so it makes sense to center the conversation around the small batch goods that inspire and satisfy us the most.


“Follow your taste buds.” Ha, geddit? See what your buddies are eating and what food makers have impressed them, and then let those taste buds sample what all the fuss is about.


Jerkies, sauces, sweets, seasonings – confession: I had to break for lunch immediately, because everything featured on the Found Eats Facebook page looked so delectable.


Want to find more star independent food makers or grow your business? Take a bigger scoop of mouthwatering treats at



Pass the artisanal foods this way please @foundeats


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