Tasty Startups: Foodie For All Delivers Dishes From Top Restaurants To Your Doorstep

Tasty Startups: Foodie For All

foodie for all

The Craving it Satisfies

Food deliveries from great restaurants that don’t usually have delivery service.


Why it has a winning recipe

It’s been four years, but I have a firm memory of my first trip to Xi’an Famous Foods, eating a plate of spicy lamb and hand-ripped noodles and thinking: I could eat this every day. Nothing’s too far way when you’re living in NYC, still, you’re not going to go to any restaurant every day. Now, if they’d had delivery while I lived there… Damn the warnings that noodles are best enjoyed immediately and onsite!


Those living in Manhattan (and other boroughs and additional cities in the near future, no doubt) can live out my dream thanks to Foodie For All.


Foodie For All is a delivery service that delivers food from great restaurants that ordinarily don’t deliver. You have to order a tad sooner in advance than you might otherwise, but so what? The chance to eat fantastic food and not deal with a wait or reservations or stepping out the front door is well worth it.


I spent a lot of time working in restaurants that didn’t deliver and that had plenty of interest from guests in them doing so. High-end restaurants have enough struggle with staffing and scheduling that they often eschew delivery. What’s more, they need to maintain the standards of excellence and deliciousness that no one typically associates with takeout.


Foodie For All carries most of the load here, giving amazing restaurants the opportunity to ship dishes out the door that they can feel good about and grow their business in a way that they couldn’t on their own.


I’ve missed NYC every day since traveling on, but this is almost too much. On top of the opportunity to have the likes of ABC Kitchen, Balthazar, and Momofuku Ssam Bar brought to your office or doorstep, you can mix and match dishes from the different restaurants.


I love all the efforts I’ve seen lately to make food delivery painless (Susie), fresh and healthy (Munchery), but the chance to savor your favorites from top restaurants in one meal… my mind leaps to Chris Farley interviewing Paul McCartney on Saturday Night Live, pointing at him in awe and saying “Awesome!”


Order up more details on this tasty startup at foodieforall.com.



No foolin’ around – have food delivered from rockstar NYC restaurants @FoodieForAll


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