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Tasty Startups: Food Moves


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I wonder how many chefs the film Chef has inspired to leave a restaurant kitchen in favor of running a food truck? Answer: not nearly enough.


I love the flourishing food truck movement. Great food on the go, in the open air. Simple and delicious. Well, increasingly sophisticated — while still unpretentious and delicious. Your own boss, low-overhead, mobility – it’s not hard to understand the appeal to chefs, either.


The moment is right for this movement, too, with more people than ever looking to become entrepreneurs and the technology available to support them.


Food Moves is an exciting newcomer to the food truck scene. This mobile app has real-time tracking of local food trucks. It also shares the current menu as well as reviews. Find new trucks, follow your favorites, share with friends, daily special alerts – pretty much anything you’d want to know about your local food truck options, Food Moves includes on the app.


At the same time, chefs pay nothing to join real-time tracking, spread the word on social media, or keep a live menu online. It’s a foodies’ world these days, and Food Moves only makes it easier to satisfy hankerings.


Food trucks ain’t just for festivals anymore (can’t get enough of them there, either, by the way). With Food Moves, there’s also original content, recipes, interviews and more waiting to be digested – all the fanfare we’re used to seeing in regard to restaurants, which just goes to show that the food truck movement will be with us for some time.


Bring it! I love going out for lunch, but work sitting down for several hours. I usually don’t  have the time or desire to sit and wait for a full lunch at a restaurant. I prefer to stretch my legs, take in some fresh air, and find a tasty meal that won’t keep me from the desk for too long. Food trucks fill the plate, so to speak, perfectly.


Find out where and how the best food trucks roll at



We’re crazy about food trucks at KS, and now we can track them all @FoodMoves


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