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Tasty Startups: Feastly


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The Craving it Satisfies

A marketplace for meals beyond restaurant walls


Why it has a winning recipe

I read recently that the some 1/3 of the US workforce now works freelance. (I tried to find the source again, but only came up with a list of articles that put the figure between 30-40%). That high number blew my mind. No doubt part of what has enabled this rise of the freelance economy is the simultaneous growth of platforms where workers and hirers can connect.


Chefs are no strangers to working for themselves. The majority of chefs I’ve met have dreamed of going it alone. In the past, their options might have been limited to opening a catering service or working as a private chef. Technology is finally catching up to give them the same resources other freelancers have enjoyed.


Feastly is a marketplace that connects diners with chefs looking to turn up the burners outside of the restaurant kitchen. It’s a place where foodies can book a spot at a table in more intimate settings, namely the homes of chefs.


Supper clubs, closed-door dinners, pop-up restaurants, food trucks – a chef can go anywhere these days and still command a following. Feastly makes it even easier for them to keep cooking as they like, while giving foodies the opportunity to enjoy home cooked-style eating with pros.


Call it a peer-to-peer platform, call it a culinary fad, call it what what you will: I say the popularity of this hybrid dining experience – part restaurant/part dinner with friends – is a joy to watch unfold. Before the regulators ruin all the fun (did you hear about Airbnb charging tourist taxes in Paris?), don’t miss out on these movable pleasures while they’re around.


At the moment, most of the seats up for grabs on Feastly are located in the usual spots – San Francisco, Chicago, New York City, and Washington, D.C. – but here’s hoping more cities join up soon. The secret is already out. We know what’s been going on behind closed doors. It’s time for people to find each other and connect across smaller tables over lovingly prepared food.


Have a look for yourself, feasters and hospitable chefs, at eatfeastly.com.



Where we’re going, we don’t need restaurants. Your key to the closed-door dining movement is @eatfeastly


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