Tasty Startups: EatWith – Dine Where You Never Would Have Dreamed You’d Go

Tasty Startups: EatWith


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The Craving it Satisfies

Amazing meals in the homes of chefs


Why it has a winning recipe

It’s a remarkable time to be a diner. The options for restaurants have diversified and expanded nearly everywhere. Thanks to technology, you can track down/order/ subscribe to eat anything you crave at pretty much any hour.


It’s a good time to be a chef, too, that is unless you’re in charge of staffing a large kitchen. Chefs simply have more work options than ever before. They no longer need to toil behind a shining culinary star to eke out a living.


Nowhere is the convergence of these two trends more evident than in the rise of food trucks, supper clubs and other less traditional venues – unique experiences for diners and low-overhead opportunities for chefs to do their thing on their own terms. A prime example is EatWith, a platform connecting guests and hosts for “home-cooked” meals. It’s unfair to call them as much, but if it helps to understand, think of them as an Airbnb for dinner. Guests scope out custom, private dinners or pop-up dining opportunities hosted by the likes of award winning chefs or amateurs with serious chops that can play chef without attending school.


I love restaurants and the ceremony of going out for a meal. I don’t even mind getting dressed up once in awhile to do so, but it’s refreshing to have low-key choices. If you’re a culinary adventurer, a social eater, or chef that likes being closer to the patrons, then the intimacy that EatWith creates is irresistible.


Not to mention, opening a restaurant is becoming only a costlier proposition. If you’re a young chef, EatWith is the perfect venue to practice the trade while both saving money and building relationships with people before opening your own doors. What’s more, EatWith allows chefs to take popular dinners on the road, and I’ve never met a chef who didn’t want to travel and sample different local cuisines.


I recently came across the phrase “off the eaten path.” I suspect we’ll be hearing a lot more of it as people discover the possibilities for enjoying singular dining experiences. Dining in home is new, casual, daring, personal – everything we might ask of a meal in addition to it being delicious. As EatWith’s presence in over 150 cities worldwide already proves, there’ll be plenty of fork-tracks in the trail before long.


Explore dining or cooking opportunities at eatwith.com.



There’s no place like home. The same holds true when going out for dinner @EatWith


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