Tasty Startups: At Last, A Counter Culture Movement Everyone Can Swallow

Tasty Startups: CounterCrop




The Craving it Satisfies

Grow your own food indoors with minimal effort.


Why it has a winning recipe

Eat healthier. Eat food that you grow. Consume less energy and water, lessening the food demands placed on nature. What’s not to like?


CounterCrop is an indoor home garden for people like me – completely behind the idea of growing your own food, but so far… challenged (read: clueless).


Don’t have enough space for an outdoor garden? CounterCrop takes care of this problem, letting you grow indoors. Growing inside also avoids the other enormous hassles associated with various pests, weather and seasonal change.



A green believer, but not a green thumb? If you can manage to plug your CounterCrop garden into an electrical socket and press a remote control button, then you’re well on your way to harvesting your very own salad greens and vegetables.


This is made possible thanks to LED lights that mimic daylight patterns to best support plants growing without natural light. The automated system manages watering and lighting, so you’re off the hook if you have no idea what plants require (or if you have a tendency to forget about watering when you leave for the weekend, oops).


CounterCrop relies on hydroponic growing, so there’s no messing with dirt, while growing pods also help keep your garden tidy. A few seeds, a bit of plant food, add some water, and you’re in business. Enjoy fresh, great tasting veggies – satisfying because you grew them, not to mention, because you didn’t need to treat them with chemicals.






Fast, delicious, and easy. What a wonderful way to harvest greens throughout the year. Many of us would like to eat healthier and also would like to adopt more planet-friendly habits. CounterCrop is great way to accomplish both at the same time.


If you’re behind the idea of growing dinner on your countertop, you’re not alone. Currently CounterCrop is running a Kickstarter campaign to complete development and begin production. At the time of this writing, they’ve raised just under 90% of the 75,000 they need to get rolling. Check out their campaign here, or find them at CounterCrop.com.



What’s for dinner? See what’s ready to eat in your countertop garden @CounterCrop  http://countercrop.com/


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