Tasty Startups: CookBrite Whisks Together One Wholesome Meal Planning Toolkit

Tasty Startups: CookBrite


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The Craving it Satisfies

Help with planning meals and shopping for meals and cooking AND using what’s on hand to the max!


Why it has a winning recipe

Maybe I just wasn’t busy enough before to know better, but, now that I’ve become a parent, making dinner has become this monumental task that is somehow 1000 times more difficult and stressful and time consuming than it ever used to be. So impossible that I’d be happy to have a yogurt and call it a night if it was just me I had to feed.


The trouble? Where to begin. Thinking about what to eat. Thinking about if there’s enough in the house to prepare a dish, figuring out what needs to be bought. Figuring out what needs to be used up, and then thinking of something different to prepare… And then somehow squeezing this planning, maybe shopping, not to mention – cooking – into the brief windows of freedom between the little guy’s naps and tantrums. Yeah…


It’s no longer a mystery to me how the fast food industry became so huge. Speaking of which, another solution to “the dinner problem” would be feedbags, but… we’re not going to recommend those here.


A far more sane and healthy option would be CookBrite, an app that helps with meal planning, shopping, cooking and managing what’s on hand in the kitchen more efficiently. None of which may sound original; however, just as the same ingredients under the knives of different chefs yields wildly different results, in the hands of this accomplished crew, a winning plate has been put together.


By reading shopping receipts and keeping track of dishes prepared, CookBrite knows what you have in the pantry  (more or less)and intuitively recommends dishes that work for you. It has clear instructions to accompany recipes, recipes (of course), and simple and fast tools for creating shopping lists.


Basically, you can go from thinking about planning a meal to putting dinner on the table with just a few swipes of the phone. My kind of fast food. All I need now is a full-proof lullaby, and I’ll be back in action in the kitchen.


Download the app on Google Play or learn more at cookbrite.com.



Take anti-anxiety pills off the dinner menu with a well balanced, meal planning toolkit @CookBrite


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